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The Weakness is a long term Webisode project. It centers around a 400+ year old vampire with a Billy Idol complex, an even older vampire with a desperate and panicked taste for young blood and a young woman who is sweet, loony, yet always inappropriately dressed in prom-wear who knows a lot more than she is letting on. This story is much much more than your standard vampire fare. It is about love - loss - regret - bitterness - mistakes made - mistakes corrected - and of course still wanting to stick it to your father, even after 400 years.

Your usual heartbreaking coming of age story... only with vampires.

Zahn Zahn, our vampire protagonist of the story is on a desperate hunt for the mysterious woman named Justine who he met and fell in love with only briefly. He hopes he can reach her before his sire finds her first and uses her for his own nefarious desires. Zahn is the consummate prodigal son, who has avoided the inevitable all his 400+ years of life and he knows its just a matter of time.

Quinn Quinn, once Zahns captor and tormentor, a troubled lost soul that did the bidding of Zahn's sire was turned into a vampire almost on a whim by Zahn. Now Zahn finds himself depending on Quinn more than he would like. But Quinn's demons have not dissolved into the either upon becoming a vampire. In fact they have bubbled to the surface in a most dangerous and violent way. Will Quinn become more of liability than he's worth?

Elliot Elliot is the lone human who has jumped in the middle of the fray with the vampires to try and make sense of it all. Is it because of his intense curiosity or because of a long burning desire that goes much deeper and further into the past than even Elliot himself understands?

Bishop The Bishop, or "His Grace" as his minions call him is the creature that Zahn owes not only his life but most of his life's angst. The Bishop who is more like Zahn than both of them would care to admit, is looking for the mysterious Justine woman and needs her even more than Zahn does. The Bishop's life is expiring, faster than he would like. He believes Justine's blood is the key to restoring his eternal life but also to give him the ultimate power he so desires.

Sister Elizabeth and Father Michael Sister Elizabeth and Father Michael are the Bishop's top lieutenants. Both from sketchy, dark and rather unchristian pasts, both have they're own agendas, independent of their boss's plans. Always at each other's throats and always working against each other, Which is just the way the Bishop likes it.

Father Knight Father Knight The Bishop's long time, secret henchman. Knight has worked outside the Bishop's traditional structure, under the Bishop's direction, movie moving on the chess board a bit differently than everyone else. He has been on this playing board much longer than an average human. What is he exactly?

Merl Merl Another unfortunate lost soul with a painful past who is working for the bishop, but playing both sides. She sees all, watches all. Due to her bad choices she is confronted with fate, but is this the last we see of crafty Merl?

Justine Justine - the mysterious woman in question who everyone seems to be after and but who is always two steps ahead. Is she running away, or running the show?


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